Top Ways to Experience the Cultural Heart of Germany

As normality gradually returns to our lives and more and more people are vaccinated, our ability to travel is also gradually improving. If you are in the regions of Saxony and Thuringia, which are known as the cultural heart of Germany, here is a selection of the best experiences, including magical bridges and trails in wonderfully preserved forests.

Take a deep breath in the old woods

A tourism initiative for our taste: routes through the mature forests of Thuringia introduce tourists to the variety of mature and mature forests of the region. You can choose from more than a dozen routes, including from the beautiful Hainich National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to immerse yourself in unspoilt nature. It’s clean, green and just what we all need right now. Convenient: All English translation options are listed on the Outdooractive platform.

Go kayaking to the Leipzig Lakes

Combine urban coolness with an active holiday in Leipzig, where a canal system leads to the “Leipzig Lakes”, a recreation area and a tourist renaissance project with a collection of idyllic lakes that were once open quarries. Canoes can be rented in the city center about 5.5 miles from the lakes. Or take a bike and go for a walk along the water trails, including beach walks and water sports.

Unique accommodation in Saxony

From a romantic drinkry to an overnight stay at Fabrikloft, Saxony offers travelers a wide range of accommodation options that go beyond the usual. Highlights include lakeside apartments in the former guardhouses of Moritzburg Castle on the outskirts of Dresden, charming guest houses in the historic Hoflesnitz vineyard or the super cool loft “Master Zimmer” on the territory of the former cotton factory, the Leipzig Spinneri Art Center. Choose and choose!

The cameras are ready

It is not surprising that the rhododendron park in Kromlau, near the Saxon border with Poland, is a favorite place for photographers. The bridge was specially built to form a circle when it is reflected in the water below it, and after extensive restoration work aimed at preserving its fragile structure, lucky snappers can now restore their ideal angle. Tip: Combine your visit with a tour of the nearby Prinz Puckler Park in Bad Muskau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover the hidden drink region of Thuringia

It is not known, but viticulture in Thuringia is a business, and quality drinks have been produced for centuries in that part of the Saale-Unstrut drink region, which is one of the northernmost drink regions in Europe. Tip: Explore the vineyards on the hiking trails around the town of Jena, east of Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, and do not miss the opportunity to visit the castles of Dornburg! This dreamy collection of three castles and beautiful gardens above the Saale River, offering a beautiful view, is part of this year’s BUG Garden Festival, centered in Erfurt and a number of locations throughout the region.

Hello, Hobbit houses

That’s what’s good for families: The Thuringian resort village “Shire” offers eight hobbit houses for rent, and these 3-star dugouts, accommodating up to 4 people, certainly offer more amenities than Frodo Baggins is used to. The location right in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park is ideal for outdoor adventures and exploring Germany’s most popular Rennsteig hiking trail. A playground for adventures and a summer toboggan run will provide children and parents with more rest.