Things You Should Not Miss While Visiting Norfolk

The charm of Norfolk County in the east of England is as great as its famous women. Norfolk is far from an eastern plain, but a county full of pleasant surprises.initially, it is the most temperate and sunny district in the UK. Known as the home of the British aristocracy, from the Queen’s residence at Sandringham to large estates and England’s greatest naval commander, the birthplace of Lord Nelson

Nelson said of Norfolk, “I’m a man from Norfolk, and it’s an honor to be one.” But what does this awesome place have to offer mere mortals when it comes to a place to explore? Well, let’s see how we dive into some of the most popular, unusual and magnificent places you can visit in this magical English county.

1. Walk through the quiet streets of Cromer Ridge.

Noel Coward once stated in his article “Private Life”: “Very superficial, Norfolk.” The myth that Norfolk is flat as a pancake is just a myth. It is known for its lack of hills compared to other hilly counties but is not devoid of elevation. Head to Cromer Ridge on Beacon Hill, the highest point in East Anglia. It is located at an altitude of 338 feet above sea level, is a glacial crater that refutes an old joke and offers a breathtaking view of the east coast in the direction of Overstrand. Head to the quiet streets introduced for the initial time in Norfolk to encourage runners to think about cyclists and pedestrians, and take a ride along the roads that meander along this ancient natural curve, enjoying the wildlife and sea air while you explore the surroundings.

2. Enjoy the beauty of the Sheringham Park Country Estate.

There are so many properties in Norfolk that it seems unfair to choose just one – properties in Felbrigg, Houghton and Mannington are just a few alternatives to consider, but the views from Sheringham Park are second to none in the county. The property, managed by the National Trust, has everything you could wish for in a landscaped park. The hotel’s gardens are full of fragrant British flowers, and the forest garden is home to woodpeckers and larks, and sometimes a cat that just jumps out of sight. The stunning view from the pavilion tower on the coast makes this park one of the most unique and popular in Norfolk, and with open-air theaters and an adventure park, as well as dog walking permits, it’s a fantastic day that you won’t forget for your whole group.

3. Take a dip in Norfolk National Park

Visiting Norfolk instead of exploring its famous women would be a farce. This artificial and namesake national park includes 125 miles of waterways lined with walking paths and bike paths dotted with coastal pubs in charming villages. Known as the Venice of the East, this is by far the best way to explore the waterways surrounded by golden reeds, numerous marshes and possible wildlife views on the waterfront. Cross the sparkling waters of Brods by canoe or rent one of the many boat cruises that have been held in the area since the 1930s. For an unforgettable experience, go on a boat cruise at dusk with a sunset and a dark sky studded with stars.