Things to Do in Palma De Mallorca

Since the advent of mass tourism in the 1950s, Palma has become a tourist destination. This contributed to a great change in the traditions of the city, its language and economic power. The tourist boom has led to a significant growth of Palm Trees. In 1960, 500,000 people visited Majorca, and in 1997 – more than 6,739,700 people. In 2001, more than 19,200,000 people reached through Son Sant Joan Airport near Palma, and another 1.5 million people reached by sea. Palma is a city with a rich history, reflecting the times of the Roman occupation, the Byzantine and Muslim periods. Palma is a thriving tourist destination with plenty to offer all year round. Here are five suggestions worth making and watching.

Sushi bar at the Sant Frances Singular Hotel

At the top of the award-winning five-star boutique Hotel Sant Francesc Singular, there is an impressive outdoor terrace where guests and residents can enjoy sushi and admire the panorama of the surrounding city.

Although it’s not a big peak or a stunning sea view, visitors can admire the surrounding picturesque rooftops, the nearby medieval church and the majestic Palm sandstone Cathedral. Enjoy the beautiful view by tasting delicious Japanese cuisine at the sushi bar or a perfectly grilled burger with a flame.

Cathedral of Palma

The cathedral is impressive from the outside and is located in an incredible location overlooking the embankment. The building is undoubtedly even more impressive inside, with incredible bright light coming through great stained glass windows in a spacious and spacious interior.

There is also a modern atmosphere with an unfinished modification by Gaudi and a modernist chapel by a famous Spanish artist. The hotel is located in the historical center of Palma, surrounded by gardens and beautiful streets of the Old Town. Admire the craftsmanship of the stone walls that have created a magnificent building.

Caves of Genoa

In 1906, a few minutes’ drive from Palma, a treasure was discovered – the caves of Genoa, a fascinating natural heritage carved out of stone. In prehistoric times, the natural caves of Majorca served as a habitat and refuge.

Today, thousands of people admire its natural beauty, which has shaped the water over the past few centuries, including great domes, majestic columns, pools of water and tunnels.Their proximity to Palma makes them easily accessible to visitors, as they are located in a residential area of Genoa. The tour of the interior is conducted by small groups of people accompanied by a guide, with whom you descend to a depth of 36 meters.


Majorca is a great island to explore by car. Use the Palm Tree as a starting point to explore the island. Majorca is not so big that you can easily get from one end to the other in a relatively short time. There are many landscapes to admire, plains to the south and east and peaks to the north.

Explore the Tramuntana peaks and name some of the beautiful villages you will find there. Especially interesting are Valdamossa, Fornalutx and Deja, all incredibly beautiful and well-maintained villages with excellent restaurants and cafes. Drive from Soller to Pollensa by road, and along the way you will be amazed by the stunning scenery. His colabra is worth a visit, if only to walk along the winding road that turns and meanders towards the sea. The route from Pollensa to Cape Formentor is one of the most beautiful roads on the island, and the lighthouse at the end offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Car rental is inexpensive, and there are many companies in Palma. You can also rent a car at the airport upon arrival.

Time away from the beach

Millions of people visit Majorca to spend time on the fantastic beaches located on the incredible coast of Majorca. Majorca has 262 beaches with a total length of 50 km. There’s a lot of beach there! The choice is spacious – from secluded beaches to wide sandy beaches or rocky coves.

The beautiful beaches of Majorca were again marked with the sapphire flag. Now there are 31 sapphire flag beaches on the island. The nearest beach in the center of Palma is just a few steps away and you can reach Anima Beach Club and Assaona Beach Club. A short drive from the hotel is a small beautiful beach in Illetas. This small sheltered beach with crystal clear water and soft golden sand is one of the most attractive beaches on the coast southwest of Palma. This is not a very big beach, so we recommend that you arrive early to get a piece of this paradise. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas on the sand or relax in one of the two good beach clubs, Virtual Club and Las Terrazas.