The Top of the Greater Kruger Outside the Sabi Sands

When people think of The great Kruger, their minds immediately pour into the sands of Sabi. And who could blame them? Sabi Sands is rich in wildlife and offers one of the most incredible wildlife viewing sites, especially the Big 5, on the entire continent. I would even say that it is the best destination for frequent and relaxed observations of leopards.

However, since Sabi-Sand is known worldwide, other parts of The great Kruger are often completely ignored or not mentioned at all. Away from the sands of Sabi, there are usually fewer visitors and often incredible offers to take advantage of. And even superior, the viewing of the game is still so awesome. In some areas, it goes without saying that you may have to work a little harder for your observations, but that shouldn’t put you off. Half of the fun of going on safari is looking for wildlife, finding spoor and other characters before you finally find the animal. Together with your guide and tracker, the safaris at Grand Kruger offer some of the best complete safari experiences you could wish for.

Ngala Camp

The Ngala camp is located on the western border of the Kruger, not far from the orpentor, on the banks of the river Timbavati. This seasonal river attracts an abundance of wildlife throughout the year.

The camp consists of nine luxurious tents overlooking the riverbed, which means that watching the game from the comfort of your room can be done at any time of the day. The main area includes an open-plan dining room, a well-stocked bar and a pool overlooking the riverbed.

As with all of & Beyond’s properties, you can expect a very high level of guidance, service and hospitality and safaris take place at Ngala’s private concession, which is reserved exclusively for guests at the Ngala tented camp or the largest safari lodge in Ngala. The observation of the wild is incredible and with the presence of white lions in the reserve, the observations can be truly spectacular.

For those who want a romantic night under the stars, the tree house of Ngala is a must. This luxurious treehouse experience is the perfect romantic addition for any couple looking to make their safari even more special.

Tanda Tula

The Timbavati is one of the most beautiful areas of the Great Kruger and its name reminds him, translated in the local language as “the place where something sacred has come down from heaven to earth”.

Tanda Tula is located in the heart of the Timbavati and its three camps can offer something for everyone. For those who want an adventurous safari and hiking, the Landcamp is rustic and authentic, which will provide you with the necessary comfort at the end of a long day of hiking. Here you can follow the big game with expert guides and have a raw safari experience.

If you like a more luxurious environment, then Tanda Tula Safari Camp combines the perfect blend of opulence and authenticity. The thatched tents provide an incredible backdrop to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of South Africa’s Lowveld.

For families or large groups, The nkarhi property is your exclusive property, equipped with all the facilities one could wish for.


The Singita are known to be the cream of the safari cream, and this extends to their characteristics in the Kruger National Park itself. Singita is located in a private car dealership on the eastern edge of the park and has two beautiful lodges, Sweni and Lebombo.

As with all Singita properties, initial class food, service and guidance are all part of the package here. Sweni houses seven suites overlooking the beautiful Sweni River, while Lebombo is built into the rock and hangs over The N’wanetsi River. All suites are modern and contemporary with an elegant elegance that always preserves a true essence of safari.

The safaris take place in a private concession of 33,000 hectares, which gives you maximum exclusivity and privacy during your safaris. Game viewing in this part of the Kruger is known for its abundance of wildlife, including large herds of buffalo and elephants, numerous lions and leopards, and an exceptional bird fauna.