The Big Island Massive Activities

The large island of Hawaii is built on an active volcano, and some are no taller than 33,496 feet in the summer, measured from the seabed to the summer. There are endless opportunities for outdoor activities, so how can I evenly distribute my precious vacation?

Hawaii Volcano National Park

The peak of an active volcano is usually the place where lava acts. The question is how to superior see and appreciate magma here. A visit to the national park is the best option, as it is a geology lesson, an exhibition of the recent history, endless hiking opportunities with personal exploration and walks through various lava flows. It’s probably two hours away from your accommodation, so it’s best to stay at the Volcano House Hotel right in the national park and leave for the second day. Here you can visit most of the park in two days and create your own walking route, species and observations of various lava flows.

Tropical Bioresources and Hawaiian Garden

Near Hilo there is a place with a wide range of products that are distinguished by the naturalness of the leaves, from flowers to native trees. It’s not a free park, but the tropical bio-reserves and the Hawaii garden deserve to hang a banner at the entrance for walking along the paths. It is located on the edge of the Bay of Omea. It is a protected area where flowers and wildlife can exist in their natural habitat. The combination of volcanic soil, peak streams, trade winds and tropical jungle creates a unique crossing in the corn that offers everything from native flowers to tropical trees. A few meters back in both directions, and the microclimate changes dramatically, just as I consider it at least vegetable. The approximately 20-hectare nature reserve contains more than 2,000 plant species.

Diving on a boat

If you do not go to the beach every day and do not plan to snorkel, then a boat trip, no matter what the conditions are, is a good option. Equipment is provided, just imagine, there is no luggage for a week, as well as portions and snacks. And from the boat you can see the coast and places that are easily accessible by water. In Waikoloa, the impossible business is Hawaii Ocean Sports, and further south, in Kona, it is Sea Quest Hawaii. Both of them have catamarans and routes, which are verified with poems from picturesque corners. The illustrations range from “Causes of morning adventures” to nocturnal mantis observations.

Luau in the “Fairmont Orchid”

At Luau is, food, drinks, culture and Hawaiian history may be the perfect match for an event. The Luau at The Fairmont Orchid is located by the sea at a great price and is perhaps the ideal place for an event to get everything. The lossless lava stone scene gives each table a breathtaking view of the enjoyment. The chefs of Fairmont prepare the usual dishes such as roast pork, poke (raw fish) and poi, along with some other admirers of their menu. And the outdoor bar does not prevent you from appreciating the impressions of Luau.

Sweets from the Big Island

If you grow macadamia nuts, lilies and coffee, you can expect that at some point it will turn out to be a pastry. The Big Island Candies Company in Hilo has combined local chocolate dreams with these and other island products, creating a unique atmosphere of freedom. Your showroom is a dessert paradise where you can make many friendships that you have never had before. Try brownies with glaze from Café Chocolate Dreams or macadamia nut cookies soaked with local dream chocolate. And for those with a food allergy to nuts, prepare options without nuts.