The Beautiful Villages in Ticino Switzerland

From the peaks of the peaks to the shores of the lakes, the canton of Ticino is dotted with many towns and villages, each of which has a fascinating past and a unique personality. However, there are six of them that shine with even greater splendor, and tourists who visit them immediately fall in love and crave more.


Lavertezzo is a completely stone natural beauty, popular in Ticino, as well as in Switzerland, as a picturesque village on the banks of the river with a beautiful parish church.

But what makes this area famous is its double arch bridge crossing the crystal clear waters of the Verzaska River: in the seventeenth century, it became a meeting place for adventurers who set off from there to plunge into what can only be called icy water.

What makes it great?

Valle Verzaska
Bridge Tibetano Karask Bridge


The village of Morkot is considered the most charming village in Switzerland. The village is located about 10 kilometers from Lugano and is also located on the shores of Lake Lugano. You can also book tours of Lugano for a pleasant visit to Lake Lugano and Brusino Arsizio e Varese (Italy) on the other side of the lake.

From the promenade, you can climb the stairs to visit the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso. There are about 400 steps leading to the church. Inside there are magnificent frescoes. The landscape from above is also worth a visit.

What makes it so great?

Sherr Park
Monte San Giorgio
Lake Lugano
San Grato Park


Sonogno is a hamlet in the Verzasco Valley in the Locarno region. There are well-preserved granite houses and alleys. The village also has a sheep wool workshop (Casa Della Lana), a red geranium and a museum. It is located on the edge of the valley.

The great peaks surrounding it make it an ideal starting point for unforgettable hikes. At the same time, there are many opportunities on the streets of the city to buy or sit for local products such as cheese, drink, honey and cold cuts.

What makes it great?

Monte Zucchero in the Verzasca Valley