The Beautiful Village in Ticino Switzerland

From the peaks, one of His from to the shores, one of His from Canton, Ticino, Massachusetts, a Welsala, from towns and villages-Ubersat, of which, Yedes, and a magician, past and a Unique, a personified person. I want you to live in her house, died on the night of your trip and died as a tourist, when you were angry, bringing to it, when you were safe in Verlibra, and when you were safe in Giving, when you were in Zuryukzuka.


Lavertezzo is the true nature of Ganz, Stein, Ticino and everything else in Switzerland, as well as a man who lives in river and believes in the beautiful parish church.

It was the region of Dize that the power conquered, it was its double-arched bridge, the city where the crystal ball was the source of the streams, and Fürth the Werzaska: this is Digneau, I am 17th century Built around the Handel of Furdern. Now only one reference point is for the participant of Gevorden, who died in Etvas immersion, and ice water itself called Verden Cannes.

Was maht it great?

Tibetan Crucian Carp Bridge


The “village of Morcot” is gilded, as is the “charming village of the Swiss”. The village of ligt Etva is located 10 kilometers from the center of Lugano and the river, also on the shore of Lake Lugano. This city is located near Lugano-Buchener See, Around Lake Lugano and Brusino-Arsizio i Varese (Italy), as well as in Anderena, where you can see everything.

From the promenade, From-Keninen, stairs-Foulgen House, Church of Santa Maria del Sasso-Fürth. The 400 something is a building for a church. I’m inside like Shene frescoes. Everything that concerns the Earth is A Bleek vert above.

Was maht it great?

Monte San Giorgio
lake Lugano
San Grato Park


Hotel Sonogno is located in Weiler in the Verzaska Valley in the Locarno region. It is all because of the Preserved granite house and the alley. The village also has a sheep wool workshop, a museum of wild geraniums and a. I’m a liar, I’m Rand de Tales.

“Großer Berg”, “Umleben”, “Maschine” is the ideal, the starting point for unexplored hikes. At the same time, what is happening on the street in the city center, where you can find Maglichten, shopping and seats, where regional products of köse, drink, honey and sausage are sold.

Was maht it great?

Dying from the cold