Safari with Kids in This Year

Can you go on an African safari with your kids? That’s right! In 2023, taking into account the recent time? That’s right! This is your best chance to observe wildlife when far fewer tourists are crowding into safari jeeps to take up privileged observation positions. The best months are until September.

Malaria is an obvious problem, especially recently when it comes to children. Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe offer spectacular wildlife views, and many cabins are suitable for family holidays. And although traveling in the winter months (from June to September) reduce the peril of malaria, because mosquitoes are less active in cold weather, this is still a peril that needs to be taken into account.

Like their parents, children in areas where malaria is prevalent should take antimalarial medications. Your doctor can tell you which malaria medication is best for your child. Many of these medicines have a bitter taste, but the pharmacist can grind the capsules and put the powder in a gelatin capsule. Malaria medications are not 100% effective, and other health problems are also transmitted by insects, that is, to children (and their parents!) insect bites should be avoided, even if they are taking antimalarial medications.

If you agree with the prevention of malaria in your children, the 1920s cotton camp in Kenya is simply magnificent: they have not only family tents, but also an unusual villa in the bush; the only drawback is that it is difficult to walk on it! In Tanzania, I recommend the Four seasons of the Serengeti for safari and end them on Mnemba Island for a luxurious barefoot walk.

In Botswana, children enjoy canoeing in the Okavango Delta, and they will be fascinated by the crowds of elephants in Chobe. Family-friendly cabins include the Chilvero Nature Reserve, the Ebony Linyanti and the recently renovated Jack’s Camp, which offers quad bikes, bush walks, desert safaris and meerkat tours.

In Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls are breathtaking and are a must-visit destination for both children and matures. Stay in the alcove of the Tongabezi Lodge, ideal for a family holiday. My choice of family safari houses are Robins House, Bumi Hills and Singita Pamushana, where children can take part in a mini-ranger program and take part in various activities, from cooking lessons to arts and crafts classes.

Africa without malaria

For malaria-free adventures, Namibia and South Africa are two of the best places, as they have malaria-free nature reserves, as well as many other attractions – the impressive sand dunes of Sossusvlei, Cape Town and the Garden Route are obvious attractions. You can also go on a sea safari, where you can watch fish from August to November; you can also see penguins, sharks and seals.

Enjoy the breathtaking views from Table peak, explore the Cape Town Peninsula by bike or on foot, kayak with penguins, enjoy the unique landscapes of the Garden Route, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek – the Mecca of gourmets!

In Namibia, Etosha is an ideal place for a safari, as the absence of foliage makes it easier to observe wildlife. The sand dunes of Sossusvlei have already been mentioned and deserve attention, as well as the Fish River Canyon in the south, for hiking and cultural immersion among the Himba nomads in the north. In in the middle of, picturesque Swakopmund preserves its German heritage and is an ideal starting point for snowboarding and kayaking.

Horseback safari with children

Do your children like to ride horses? Take your children on a horseback safari among wild animals such as giraffes and zebras. Younger riders or beginners are assigned horses that only run, while more advanced riders can ride on the grass with trained guides.

There is nothing to worry about, since there are no large or potentially perilous animals in the parks where horse riding is allowed.

Where to stay in South Africa

Our favorite places for safaris with children are Tsvalu in the vast Kalahari (you can also spend the night there on a raised platform under the stars to get an unforgettable safari experience), Sir Richard Branson’s Ulusaba (not free from malaria) in Sabi Sands (one of the best places to go on safari). In Madikwa, malaria-free, probably the easiest access to the nature reserve is from Joe’s Castle.

Make sense of it

In addition to an incredible opulence safari, your family can have an impact on disadvantaged communities in South Africa, for example, feed the hungry, take part in construction projects, renovate a kindergarten and teach English, mathematics and science. In Kenya you can help install eco-friendly stoves, in Zambia you can build a house for a widow and her children, and in Namibia you can help keep elephants habitable in the desert by digging new water sources for them away from human settlements and related conflicts.

You will communicate even more and get closer to your children, who appreciate your happiness, and you will be able to return home full of memories of meaningful interaction and dedication.