A Yachting Getaway in the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands, which dotted the Tyrrhenian Sea off the north-eastern coast of Sicily, are a group of seven picturesque islands of volcanic origin and offer breathtaking excursion destinations on picturesque and quiet yacht charters. The area is under UNESCO protection and the landscape and atmosphere vary greatly from island to island. A boat trip offers the opportunity to visit any island and discover the many delicacies on offer.

The main island of Lipari has a lively city and is a great place to explore the spectacular Aeolian Islands on a charter yacht. Lively and cheerful, the atmosphere is heat and the residents are friendly. There are many shops and excellent restaurants here, and the anchorages in front of white pumice beaches provide a great opportunity to plunge into the crystal clear waters. Whether you want to relax on board or explore the surroundings on land, there are many options.

Vulcano is famous for its extensive black sand beaches and mud baths. The pit is still an active volcano, climb up to the crater and enjoy a breathtaking view of the azure sea and the other six partner islands. Maybe rent a quad bike or a mini moped to explore the enchanting island and head to the thermal waters of Lagetto dei Fangi, where your skin can enjoy a mud treatment.

The active Gran Crater volcano rises above the other fire giant of this archipelago, the isolated Stromboli. With an incredible view for the adventurous and regular magma fireworks, there are quite spectacular views on board the yacht at night. An ancient, seductive and secret island, whose beaches are again strewn with black sand with reeds and various brooms.

Those who prefer a quiet walk can anchor off the coast of Salina, a lush hilly island full of history. With its three cities Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni, it is the second largest of the wind turbines. Olive groves, capers, fig trees and citrus fruits grow here, not surprisingly, there are a lot of local delicacies here that you really need to try. Try the local sweet drink from Malvasia, which is usually made in wind power plants, and do not miss Pollara, a beautiful bay with an underwater crater, which is ideal for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Panarea is the smallest but most popular island. With an upscale shopping street and many picturesque hotels scattered in great private villas in lush gardens, the island is gaining popularity as a culinary paradise and is characterized by a surprisingly lively nightlife. If you want privacy, ask the captain of your yacht to take you to one of the private bays – such as Liska Bianca, Il Bottaro or Dattilo – and enjoy the quiet seclusion.

For the last tour, head west, to the small islands of Filicudi and Alicudi, draw a line, catch your own fish and drink it with Sicilian drink. On the secluded west coast of Alicudi, the steep rock faces are the ideal place to swim and snorkel in complete privacy and to visit the beach of Le Punte to discover the incredible rock formations. On Alicudi it’s time to immerse yourself in nature with the characteristic lava stones that give it an original look. There is no nightlife here, so just listen to the sound of the sea – it’s the perfect place to relax while admiring the sunset and smiling on deck.

For some highlights, why not:

Try fresh involtini (eggplant rolls) and great ripe Sicilian capers

Enjoy sushi and sunsets on the Raya’s terrace, from where you can watch the floating boats and the bubbling Stromboli Volcano

Swim around the volcanic rocks and the Lipari caves, where the pumice stone gives the water a cobalt hue

Travel at your own speed through these romantic islands. Weave them together, anchor here for swimming, take advantage of the offer to dine there, go to the beach bar for a drink and return to a secluded bay before sunset. Renting a yacht on the Aeolian Islands is one of the best places for a relaxing pastime and is a really happy weekend.

Nicholas Dean is the Managing Partner at Ocean Independence. Ocean Independence is a leading global provider of opulence yachts, offering individual experience in the rental, sale and management of yachts.